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Career Center Staff

Work Experience and career counselors 

Work Experience and career counselors 

SUHSD has a Career Center at each comprehensive site to ensure that all students have college and career exploration opportunities. These Career Centers are staffed by a Career Technician, Career Counselor and Work Experience Coordinator. Our Work Experience Coordinators assist students with work permits, community service and connecting Work Based Learning opportunities to CTE courses. Our Career Counselors are dedicated to guiding students in the selection of a CTE Pathway or academy that is aligned with their life goals. Career Counselors also monitor student success and guide students in selecting a postsecondary institution of their choice. Students select their CTE courses side by side with the academic counselor during pre-registration every spring. For further information on college and career opportunities, contact the Work Experience Coordinator and Career Counselors at your school site.

Maira Amador , Career Counselor
Dr. Julissa Mendoza, Work Experience Coordinator
Denise hernandez, Career Technician
(831) 796-7600

Dr. Brian Preble, Career Counselor
Evan Robinson, Work Experience Coordinator
Laura Ruano, Career Technician
(831) 796-7800
Avilene Tiscareno, Career Counselor and Work Experience Coordinator
(831) 796-7700
Reyna Vargas, Career Counselor and Work Experience Coordinator
(831) 796-7700
Noel Noroian, Career Counselor
TBD, Work Experience Coordinator
Adriana Padilla, Career Technician
(831) 796-7500
Sylvia Miranda, Career Counselor
Theresa Wren, Work Experience Coordinator
Mariana Becerra-Mata, Career Technician
(831) 273-7700
Janet Martinez-Angeles, Career Counselor
Blanca Benitez, Work Experience Coordinator
Amanda Ojeda, Career Technician 
(831) 796-7400