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Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture

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Engineering and Architecture

The Engineering and Architecture Sector pathways are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as testing, HVAC, field and tower technicians,  soil inspector, after school enrichment instructor and iOS apprentice or related fields. Students study skills as robotics, electronics, manufacturing processes, pneumatics, mechanisms, and computer design technologies, energy and power, materials and structures, sketching techniques, automation, statistics, kinematics, and design process, combinational and sequential logic design, teamwork, communication methods, engineering standards, technical documentation and engineering design skills. Students utilize mathematical operations (mathematical equations, graphs, and algebraic relationships) to optimize the outcome of engineering challenges, and apply their mathematical skills through a coding project using STEAM kits, all necessary for entry-level positions in the above-mentioned employment fields.


  • Engineering Academy

  • Engineering Application Pathway

Employment opportunities:

engineering and architecture
Employment opportunities:

Entry Level (w/H.S. diploma)
Technical Level (w/AA or AS or certificate)
Professional Level (w/BA or BS degree)
Soils/Earthwork inspector
Entry-level construction materials testing technician
HVAC technician
Field technician
Tower technician
After-school enrichment instructor
iOS apprentice
Certified field technician
Engineering intern
Manufacturing engineering technician
Aircraft technician
Refrigeration technician
Engineering technician
Operations Coordinator
Project engineer
Network Engineer
Business Manager
Biomedical engineer
Quality Engineer
Solar project engineer


For more information, contact your Work Experience Coordinator or Career Center Counselor.