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Manufacturing and Product Development

Manufacturing and Product Development

Manufacturing and Product Development

Manufacturing and Product Development Sector courses are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as welding apprentices or industrial drafter trainees or related fields. Students study skills such as reading blueprints, cutting and welding metal, manufacturing processes, mechanisms, planning, preparation, interpreting and preparation of engineering and architectural drawings using drafting tools and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, all necessary for entry-level positions in welding or industrial drafting fields. 


  • Welding and Materials Joining Pathway

  • Graphic Production Pathway

Employment opportunity:

Employment opportunity:

Entry Level (w/H.S. diploma)
Technical Level (w/AA or AS or certificate)
Professional Level (w/BA or BS degree)
Welder helper
Mechanical helper
Welding apprentice
Industrial drafter trainee
Manufacturing technician
Entry-level quality control inspector
Welding Inspector
Entry-level CAD drafter
CAD technician
Welding engineer
Quality control engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Associate Foundry Engineer
CAD designer
Post- secondary opportunities: 

Post- secondary opportunities: 

 hartnell Hartnell College:
For students who complete this pathway, the following programs are offered at Hartnell Community College. Students may continue studies in this area and potentially earn the following degrees and certificates: Associate of Science in Welding Technology, Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology. 


For more information, contact your Work Experience Coordinator or Career Center Counselor.